Surprise Cashback guide

Surprise Cashback is cash, right?

That's right. Of course, there are no wagering requirements, so you can withdraw it directly or use it in games.

I see, that's great!

Let's start saving up!

About Surprise Cashback

Surprise Cashback is Mystino’s unique cashback system that allows you to accumulate a portion of your wager amount as cashback and receive that cashback amount as a surprise one day when you play the game. There's no wagering requirement for the cashback you will receive.

cashback scheme

Great value!

There's no wagering requirement for the cashback you will receive. You can use it as cash for playing live casino or withdraw them if you want! It is also a good deal that $5 will be already in your cashback balance upon your first deposit.

How to earn Surprise Cashback

By playing games, you will earn a portion of your wager amount as cash back regardless of whether you win or lose. This applies to play in all games on the site. This only applies to play with real money, so you will not earn cash back by playing with bonus money.

The Surprise Cashback feature can be activated by making a single deposit. Once you make your first deposit, you will receive $5 to your Surprise Cashback balance.

To see how much you've earned

When you log in, you will see the amount of your Surprise Cashback at the top of the site. You can also see it when you press the "Account" icon or the "Surprise Cashback" tab in My Benefits section of the right menu.


When can I receive it?

Surprise Cashback will be won at random times during gameplay; chances to win will occur after reaching $10, and the timing of the win will be random.

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