Responsible gaming

Online casino games are loved by many adults around the world for the entertainment they bring to their daily lives. Whilst casino games are fun and exciting, we aim to encourage and help our players to enjoy Mystino in a healthy and controlled way.

At Mystino we are committed to providing a responsible gaming experience so that those who love casino games can enjoy playing them in a healthy way. The contents of this responsible gambling policy are considered part of our terms and conditions and will be amended from time to time.

Mystino’s approach

To help you enjoy the casino games with moderation, Mystino offers a range of tools and support services.

Responsible gaming tools

  • Deposit limit: You can set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit from the "Responsible Gaming" section of your My Page. By setting a limit, you can prevent yourself from depositing more than you had planned.

  • Check amount used: You can check your monthly deposit and withdrawal history anytime in the "History" section of your My Page.

  • Self exclusion: If you feel that you are in a situation where you have no control over the amount of money or time you decide to spend, you can do self exclusion (1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or forever). Please contact our customer support team for assistance. Customer Support:

Only legal adults are allowed to play

At Mystino we strictly do not allow account registrations from people considered underage. For this reason, we only allow the registration of users who are at least the minimum legal age of majority as defined by the law of the jurisdiction applicable to your place of residence. (If you are a user living in Japan, you must be at least 20 years old to register - In Japanese).

If we suspect you to be underage, we will suspend your account and ask for age verification documents. We may request the relevant documents from you where we have reason to believe that you may be underage, we will hold any funds in your account until our verification process has been completed. To protect minors from underage gambling, make sure that you log out each time after playing, that your account details and payment details are kept private and secure. To take further precautions, you may wish to install 3rd party software tools that can prevent users from accessing gaming sites, such as: 

  • GamBlock

  • NetNanny

  • Betfilter

Self-evaluation test

In playing casino games, do you feel that any of the following apply to you?

  • Other people say that I spend too much time gambling

  • Sometimes I gamble with money that really should have been used for something else

  • I devote time to my gambling when I really should be doing something else

  • I sometimes borrow money to enable me to gamble

  • I feel restless if I do not have the opportunity to gamble

If you are concerned about your own gambling habits as above, we recommend that you take a self-test. 

Start a test:

The test is designed to pick up any early signs of risky gambling behaviour. On completing the test you receive detailed feedback based on your answers and also links to additional resources available to you.The test is anonymous and the information you provide is recorded in a secure manner and not used for any other purpose than the self-test.

If you need help

If you feel that your daily life is getting in the way of your casino gaming, please contact our customer support team. We will be happy to talk to you and let you know how we can help.

Mystino also recommends that you consult the following professional organizations.