About POINT66

POINT66 is a point exchange service inspired by POINTCUP. You can get points through EZE Wallet and redeem them at Mystino.
To use Point66, you need to register the two following accounts:

  • Point 66 account

  • EZE Wallet account

Min amount: $20
Max amount: $2,500
No fees

How to deposit

  1. Choose [POINT66] and enter the desired deposit amount.

  2. Log into POINT66 when the login screen is displayed.

  3. Select [Purchase Points] from My Page.

If you already purchased POINT66 points
  • POINT66 deposit screen will appear, check either points or coins and tap [Transfer Balance].

  • That's it, your deposit is complete! Enjoy playing! 🐰

If you haven't purchased POINT66 points
  • Request the amount of points you want to purchase from My Page on POINT66.

  • Confirm the payment amount and select the payment method on the payment page.

  • Complete payment at a convenience store, Internet banking, or ATM.
    ※ The amount you paid will be credited to your POINT66 account as points.

  • That's it! Enjoy playing! 🐰

How to purchase POINT66 points in advance
  1. Log into your POINT66 account and tap [Buy Points] from My Page.

  2. Enter the amount of points you wish to deposit.

  3. Select a payment method and obtain a payment number.

  4. Complete the payment at a convenience store, internet banking, or ATM.

    ※Points will be credited to your POINT66 account immediately after payment is completed!

How to withdraw

  1. Enter the desired withdrawal amount and submit a withdrawal request.
    *After the withdrawal process is completed, it will be reflected as coins in your POINT66 account.

  2. You can withdraw (redeem) your POINT66 coins via EZE Wallet.

  3. Log in to POINT66 and click [Withdraw coins] on My Page.

  4. Enter the number of coins to be withdrawn and press the [Confirm].

  5. After confirming the withdrawal details, you will be redirected to the EZE Wallet page, where you can confirm the withdrawal amount and select the withdrawal method.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the withdrawal.
    *The procedure differs depending on the withdrawal method you choose
    *You need to verify your identity in order to make a coin withdrawal. It usually takes between 5 minutes and 1 business day

Don't have a POINT66 account yet?

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