Grab your luck in the world of Mystino!

Your Mystino pals



She is a girl born and grew up in Mystino. Had a hard time in the past, but she became a cheerful and positive person by meeting Jack. Together with Jack, she is trying to find chances to grab luck.

  • Birthday: July 7
  • Favourite numbers: 7
  • Favourite games: Slot games with cute characters, gems and fruits. Learning table games.
  • Hobbies: Listening to music and fortune telling
  • Personality : She is always positive and full of curiosity. A trend seeker.



He is a traveler, hunting for peculiar phenomenon and mysterious places all over the world. He finds his way to Mystino and meets Mysti there. Together they try to find chances for grabbing luck.

  • Birthday: November 11
  • Favourite numbers: 1 and 11
  • Favourite games: Table games in general and slot games with ancient theme and dragon motif
  • Hobbies: Solo travel and studying history
  • Favourite foods: Ramen and curry
  • Personality : Strict with time and rule. Fluent in many languages. He tends to mix English words in his conversation in Japanese.

Mystino World

Mysti was tired of the days where only unlucky things were happening one after another. The rain stopped the moment she bought an umbrella, the clothes she was planning to buy by saving money were sold out on the day she went to the store, and she got a fever on the day she went on a trip…

In addition, whatever she did from studying and sports, she only performed averagely or below which she thought was very boring. Mysti became negative and closed her mind, saying that nothing was fun and worked well no matter what she did. She didn’t feel like trying new things either, and as she spent her days in the dark, she met Jack, a mysterious traveler who visited Mystino.


Jack, who visited Mystino for the first time, realized that there were many chances to grab luck in the world of Mystino. He told it to a stranger who had a dark and negative aura which was Mysti, thinking that it would help her.

She was initially skeptical of advice from the stranger, but when she actually looked around her, she noticed that there are many chances to get lucky which she couldn’t realize when she was feeling negative.

Thanks to Jack's advice, her personality has also become positive and cheerful, and Misty has begun to try everything first. More challenges naturally led her to experiencing more lucky events, and she started thinking she is actually a lucky person.

There are many chances to grab luck in Mystino, the world she lives in, and Misti was able to become a positive self by challenging them. Therefore, while she continues her journey for finding luck, she decided to work with Jack to help new visitors to Mystino for finding chances to grab luck so that they would be happier and luckier as well.