Get lucky in the world of Mystino!

Mystino World


Mystino is a secret, isolated island that exists quietly somewhere in this world.

This island is known for its entertainment, and every day there is always something fun going on that attracts visitors. Online casinos have recently become popular and the place is becoming even more exciting.

The island is filled with lucky power spots, mystical nature and mysterious buildings. 

Welcome to Mystino, the world entertainment with a lot of excitement waiting for you. 

Come to Mystino and get lucky!



She is a girl born and grew up in Mystino. Had a hard time in the past, but she became a cheerful and positive person by meeting Jack. She loves all things fun, new and trendy. She is on the move today, wishing more luck to herself and people around her! 

  • Birthday : July 7th

  • Favourite number : 7

  • Favourite things : Listening to music, singing, dancing, fortune telling, sweets

  • Personality : She is always positive and full of curiosity. Loves to make people happy. She can be a bit clumsy, but at heart she is a serious and determined person.



He is a traveler, hunting for mysterious places all over the world. He finds his way to Mystino and meets Mysti there. He is staying on the island for longer than he had planned, because he has fallen in love with the world of Mystino. Working hard to share the charm of Mystino with as many people as possible.

  • Birthday: November 11th 

  • Favourite numbers: 1 and 11

  • Favourite things: Solo travel, historic remains, vast landscape, watching sports, beer

  • Personality: He may look like a hard man, strict about time and rules, but he actually likes to help people. He's usually quiet, but when he's in the mood, he can be quite cheerful.