About MuchBetter

MuchBetter is a smartphone payment service that can be used at online casinos and sports betting sites around the world. Deposits and withdrawals can be made with various credit cards and virtual currencies, and can be easily operated with a single app.

MuchBetter official website

Min amount: $10
Max amount: $10,000
No fees

How to deposit

① Deposit to MuchBetter

  1. Log into your MuchBetter account, open the deposit screen, and enter the amount you want to deposit.

  2. Tap the [Deposit] button and select the payment method.
    *You can deposit with various credit cards or virtual currency such as Bitcoin.

② Deposit to Mystino

  1. Log into your Mystino account and select MuchBetter.

  2. Enter the desired deposit amount and tap [Deposit].

  3. The MuchBetter "Waiting for User Approval" screen will be displayed, so leave the Mystino site and launch the MuchBetter app.

  4. When you start the app, you will be asked for a password, so enter it.

  5. The amount to be deposited into the Mystino account will be displayed, so tap [Transfer].

  6. Deposit completed! Enjoy playing! 🐰

Video manual