How to play online casino games

If you're new to casino games, it's hard to know which games to play and how to play them.

Yes, it is. But it's not that difficult. Once you understand the basic rules, you can apply them!

Indeed! We've got a bunch of videos on this page of I explaining how to play casino games, so be sure to check them out!

How to Play Online Casino Games

There are two main types of online casino games. The first is slots, where you spin the reels and chain symbols together to win payouts; and live casino, where you can play card games, roulette, and other games with real dealers in real time. The second is live casino where you can play card games and roulette with real dealers in real time.

How to play slots 

The standard way to play slots is to spin the reels, and when a symbol lands on a pay line, a payout is generated. Recently, many "cascading" or "drop game" types of slot games have emerged, in which the payout is generated by linking symbols together in a chain, similar to a puzzle game.

Although each game has its own unique bonus features, there are no major differences in the mechanics themselves, so as long as you understand the basic rules, you can enjoy a wide range of slot games. Please refer to the videos that introduce basic explanations of slots, as well as the videos that explain how to play some of Mystino's most popular slots.

▲ Anyone who watches this will understand! How to play slot machines!

▲ How to play the most popular pachi-slot game, Hawaiian Dream!

▲ A slot game featuring cute characters! This popular game is intuitive and easy to understand like a puzzle game.

▲ A popular game with high volatile free spins and a variety of features. Here is a detailed explanation of how to play.

▲ Mega Ways feature, a slot game with a huge number of paylines!

How to play live casino

In live casinos, you can play games that use playing cards, such as baccarat and poker, roulette, and also live show-style games. The greatest feature of live casinos is that you can play games with real dealers in real time over the Internet. You can play with the real dealers in real time.

Here are videos that introduce basic live casino play, as well as videos that show how to play each of the popular games.

It explains the terms you need to remember for slot games and how to play different types of slot games.

▲ A must for beginners! Here is some basic information you want to know before playing in a live casino.

Simple and yet profound, this is a popular table game in which players try to guess which hand is closest to the number 9.

This is a card game in which you try to get your hand as close to 21 as possible!v

▲ A game in which you predict which number the ball will fall on. Great variety of betting options!

▲ You compete for the strength of combination of five cards in your hand!

▲ Entertaining live game where the game is played by the host, just like a TV show!

Online casino game basic terms 

  • Spin: 1 spin = 1 rotation of a slot game.

  • Free Spins : Spins that allow you to play certain slot games for free without spending any money you have deposited.

  • Wild Symbol : A symbol that can substitute for all other patterns in a slot game. When the wild symbol appears, the chance of a payline being formed also increases.

  • RTP : Return To Player (RTP): The percentage of money returned on a wager (averaged over a number of bets).