Bank Transfer


About Bank Transfer

Before making a deposit:

  • Be sure to tap the [Deposit] > [Request Deposit] button from the Mystino bank transfer screen each time so that the payment is reflected correctly, including the bonus offer. The transfer details will be displayed on the screen after you enter the payment amount, please check it before proceeding.

  • Please do not change the client or merchant's name or enter any comments in the transfer message field. Doing so may cause delays in the processing of your deposit or even lead to the ban of bank transfer method for your account.

  • Depending on your bank, it may take up to 12 hours for the payment to be reflected. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the bank may process the remittance on the next business day or later. Additionally, the daily offer spins will be credited to your account on the deposit reflection date.

Min amount: $10
Max amount: $15,000
No fees

How to deposit

① Enter the desired deposit amount and tap [Deposit].
② After confirming the deposit amount, be sure to press [Request Deposit].
*The red button saying 入金リクエストをする


③ Bank transfer details will be displayed. Please check the important notice section before making a transfer and then complete it from your online banking app or ATM.


④ The payment request has been completed. Please wait while the payment is reflected in your account 🐰

How to withdraw

① Enter the desired withdrawal amount.
② Enter the remaining part of your address, last name, and first name in katakana.
③ Enter the 4-digit bank code of your bank.
④ Enter the 3-digit branch code of your bank.
⑤ Enter your 7-digit account number.
*Japan Post Bank customers, please refer to the scheme below.