Oct 27, 2022

Sword of Ares: Tournaments & Cash Drop

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Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins Tournament is still on, giving out prizes to ¥5,750,000/$50,000 weekly.

Play favourites of the selected games and you might be one of the lucky winners.

Rabbit Fortune


27 October 19:00 ~ 15 December 18:59 (Japan time)


Tournaments: Highest Single Spin Win Amount
Cash Drop: Win up to 1,000 times your bet in the Daily Cash Drops Multiplier

Participating games

All Pragmatic Play games except Money Roll, Irish Charms, 888 Gold, Diamonds are Forever 3 lines, Table Games, Video Poker and Scratch Cards.

Play popular Pragmatic Play games


Prize Pool: ¥2,300,000/$20,000 - Week

1st ¥115,000/$1,000
2nd ¥80,500/$700
3rd ¥34,500/$300
4-5th ¥11,500/$100
6-20th ¥9,200/$80
21-80th ¥5,750/$50
81-200th ¥3,450/$30
201-400th ¥1,150/$10
401-2,000th ¥575/$5

Cash Drop
Prize Pool: ¥3,450,000/$30,000 - Week

1x 1000 (Multiplier Won: 1000X​)
2x 500
3x 150
4x 100
10x 80
30x 30
150x 20
300x 10
800x 5
3,700x 3


  • Players can win both prizes from Tournament and Cash Drop.
  • Pragmatic Play reserve the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.

Type: Highest Single Spin Win Amount
1. The Tournament winners are based on Highest Single Spin Win Amount (adjusted to bet value).​
2. Scores = (amount of win (converted in Yen/USD) during tournament)/(amount of bet (converted in Yen/USD) during tournament) * 1000​​
Sample computation:
Player 1: bet $1 -> win $50 (score = $50 / $1 * 1000 = 50,000)
Player 2: bet $1 -> win $5 (score = $5 /$1 * 1000 = 5,000)
3. Min bet to participate is ¥60/$0.5 or currency equivalent.​
4. If there are two or more players with an identical score on the tournament leaderboard, the player who scores it first will get the higher position on the leaderboard.​
5. The tournament leaderboard is built in the qualifying games and updates in real-time.​

【Cash Drop】
1. You can win up to 1,000 times your bet in the Daily Prize Drops Multiplier​.
2. The prize multiplier will be used to determine the final prize amount ( bet amount x multiplier won). Bet big to have a chance to win up to ¥575,000/$5,000 in a single spin!​
Sample Computation:​
Bet Amount ¥130/$0.5
Multiplier Won: 500X​
PRIZE WON: ¥65,000/$250
3. The max bet amount eligible for the prize calculation is ¥575/$5. If the bet exceeds ¥575/$5 the extra value over will not be used for the prize calculation.
Sample Computation:​
Total Bet Amount: ¥800/$8
Qualified Bet Amount: ¥575/$5
Multiplier Won: 1000X​
PRIZE WON : ¥575/$5 X 1000 = ¥575,000/$5,000 ​
4. Min bet to participate is $0.5 or currency equivalent.​
5. There are 5,700 prizes worth ¥5,750,000/$50,000 which will be given to lucky players per week during the promotion period.